Wicked Sista

The No.1 Accessory brand in Australia and New Zealand.


From Australia to Europe

The trendy bags are a must have in Australia and now finally also available in Europe in selected stores. We are the Distributor for Europe and make sure that Wicked Sista will soon be also available in your hometown.

Limited Designs

Every design of Wicked Sista is shipped to Europe in a strictly limited edition. After a design is sold out, it won’t be reproduced. That makes Wicked Sista a highly popular collector’s item.

Diverse Styles

Wicked Sista is known for its fun and trendy designs. From girly to chic, from beachy to fancy. With over 600 designs, everyone will surely find their own personal style within the Wicked Sista range.

Practical and reliable

Girls in Australia love Wicked Sista not only for the trendy designs. The bags are water-resistant and therefore ideal for the beach or items that leak. just wash it off.  Not only fancy, but practical.

Be a trendsetter

Why did we choose Wicked Sista? We believe in the quality. We love the trendy designs. And we aim to provide accessories that are unique and special. Our customers know that they’ll be one of the only lucky fews that own a particular bag.

More than bags

Did you know that Wicked Sista offers more than bags? Jewelry, scarves, socks and hair accessories are also part of Wicked Sista. Available soon. Stay tuned.

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Do you like what you see so far? Wicked Sista offers more than 600 design variations! Download our full catalog of Wicked Sista products and you will be amazed how many designs there are to choose from.

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